Tennis Elbow treatments offered in Manchester

Not just for tennis superstars

Here at the Ice Clinic we understand that tennis elbow is a severely painful condition, caused by repetitive movement of your arm and wrist resulting in stressed and sore tendons. It’s not just tennis players that get this condition too! Plumbers, butchers and painters are all common recipients to tennis elbow. Our tennis elbow treatment offers pain relief and strengthening of the tendons, adding not only pain relief but long-term durability too.

Benefits of tennis elbow treatment

Having a job or playing a sport where you’re required to use your arms and wrist excessively are common reasons why people experience tennis elbow. Our tennis elbow treatment will allow you not only to feel pain relief, but strengthen your tendons and muscles too. We realise that your income and livelihood may be effected by tennis elbow, so we take all conditions seriously.

Before & After

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Further consultation for tennis elbow treatment

Our professional team are at the ready to start you on your tennis elbow treatment process. Don’t let the pain of tennis elbow cause you to suffer for long! If you wait too long, long-term damage can persists causing more expensive treatments and surgery. Once you talk to our friendly staff we’ll be able to offer you advice and start you on your journey to recovery.

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