Sciatica treatment services in Manchester

Looking for that much need pain relief?

Sciatica is a serious condition where pain radiates down your sciatic nerve. This long nerve is located throughout your lower back, passing through your hips, buttocks and legs. Pain can occur in any of these specific locations, and commonly on one side. It’s typically caused by bone putting pressure on the part of the nerve, causing inflammation and sometimes numbness. Our sciatica treatment can be done at any of our clinics, offer pain relief even on our first visit.

What are the benefits of sciatica treatment?

In most cases, sciatica treatment and leg pain treatment can be administered over the course of a few weeks and involve non-invasive methods. We understand that the pain can be severe and seems like it won’t go away, however our clinic specialists will be there with you to help with some relief in the first session, and leave you feeling positive that the pain will subside.

Before & After

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Booking your sciatica treatment

Our treatment lasts for just a few weeks and even after the first session you should experience some pain relief. Our qualified experts in their respected fields will make you as comfortable as possible while the sciatica treatments are administered, leaving you feeling positive about the symptoms subsiding, and helping with long-term issues.

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