For fast recovery visit our Pain Clinic in Manchester

We provide a variety pain relief to conditions such as:


This joint disorder is quite common and occurs when there’s inflammation in thejoint.We have a variety of techniques to relieve this pain.


When your pain radiates down your back, typically on one side, you may suffer from Sciatica. We have a wide range of techniques to relieve this pain.

Muscle Strain

This injury can happen to almost everyone, even when you’re not being activate and exercising. Don’t let it put you off and come to us for our pain relief techniques.

Back Ache

Another common type of pain in many people. Our clinic is suited to helping relieve all kinds of back ache.

Tennis Elbow

Usually a painful condition caused by large amounts of rapid motion and stress on the wrist and arm. Come to us for our pain relief techniques in this area.


This severe headache can be constant burden on your life. We offer techniques and methods to help sooth your head and relieve migraine pain.

Muscle Recovery

We assist with muscle recovery, providing expert techniques and methods to help mend your muscles.

Hamstring Strains

Our expert professionals are trained to provide relief to all kinds of muscle strains, especially hamstrings.

Sinusitis /Sinus Pain

This is caused by inflammation and swelling of the cavities in the nasal passage. We can offer pain relief of this area over time.

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