Leaving Manchester and need a holiday vaccination injection?

Where do I start with vaccinations?

Planned a holiday and don’t know where to start with your holiday vaccination injections? Here at the Ice Clinic we can provide you with a wide range of holiday vaccination injections to immunise you, depending on which country you’re heading to and based on your current health.

How we provide comfort and ease with vaccinations

Once you give us a call or personally visit one of our clinics across Manchester and the North-West we can gather all the necessary vaccinations you’ll need to keep you healthy overseas. Your holiday vaccination injection can be an easy process for you, which we aim to have done long before you need to take your first step out of the country.

Before & After

See the results with our before and after treatment images

Further travel and vaccination advice

Our team of professionals are always ready to offer advice on your next travel destination and the holiday vaccination injections that you’ll need. We stay up-to-date with vaccinations needed aboard and will give you guide you to the healthiest choice of vaccinations you’ll need.

Don’t wait too long before you get your shot! Come into one of our many clinics for your vaccination today, call 01457 879147