Jowl treatment and reduction offered in Manchester

Get the jowl treatment you deserve

Here at the Ice Clinic we understand that it’s not only age or weight that can bring down a jowl, sometimes it’s a medical condition that causes the face to get fuller and making the skin sag. That’s why we offer our customers a non-evasive jowl treatment, where we treat the muscles surrounding the jowl so that the skin is pulled tighter and reduces the jowl-like appearance.

Non-evasive jowl treatment

With our non-evasive jowl treatment you don’t have to worry about any cosmetic surgery, such that can be very expensive and can cause possible scarring. Our jowl treatment can be done in our clinic and by one of our qualified specialists to give you that neckline you want.

Before & After

See the results with our before and after treatment images

Consultation and advice for jowl treatment

Anyone of our expert team can advise you on getting your jowl treatment. We’re always welcoming to treatment options, we understand that everyone is different and this can mean a more personalised treatment process. Here at the Ice Clinic we’ll make this as simple as possible for you, while welcoming you and keeping you comfortable throughout the whole way.

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