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Average age of use 30-40
Action:mainly tissues compacting.
Thanks to the temperature and the mix of cosmetics used during the treatment (like Rose water, Elastin, Sea collagen), it is possible to stimulate in a general way all body process, to stimulate the fibroblasts in the production of new fibers of collagen, hayaluronic  acid, elastin to increase oxygenation and blood circulation. Skin will be more compact, full and smooth

Average age of use: 40-50
Action: specific action of tissue lifting.
Lighter action on mimic muscles, (that are superficial). Thanks to the increase in blood circulation and oxygenation, the A and B fibers are excited and this will result in a better muscles toning. Use in case of tissue slackness. SieroVitaminco cream and Gel Lifting contain a natural extract of hisbiscus with similar effects to popular anti-wrinkle injections, hayaluronic acid, Cyclodextrins and a complex of vitamins that protect the skin from free radicals and fight premature ageing

Action: Really specific action on the deep wrinkles
The treatment particularly stimulates the awakening of the fibroblasts activity. Skin will be more  youthfull, full, smooth and wrinkles reduced. Night Cream 21mila contains the natural Q10 Coenzyme, this active principle fights against deep wrinkles development, stimulates cell metabolism to increase the production of energy to contrast existing wrinkles and to prevent  the formation of new one. Double moisturizing effect due to Hyaluronic acid microspheres and sugar and able to hold down the water in the deepest layer skin.

Average age of use: every age
Action:It illuminates the skin restores energy and colour to dull and tired skin. Cold makes the skin radiant and it goes to stimulate cell renewal and reconstructing. The skin will be more relaxed and oxygenated. It is especially suited to smokers skins. Day cream that contains active principles with shining effects and ables to contrast skin discolouration, thanks to its richness in Hayluronic acid in form of microspheres

Blanco rejuvenation – Enhances skin tone
Average age of use: Every age
Action- Tissues rejuvenation, provision of nutrition, hydration and vitamins. Useful for preventing skin aging. Blanco by Ro has moisturising and nourishing action. It is ideal for protecting the skin and it contains Elastin (skin more compact), Sea Collagen (tissue reconstructing), Umectol (natural factor moisturising of human skin) and Luminescent mica (enlightening action). The cold, combined with Blanco by Ro, thanks to the latest generation molecules , capable of improving the production of collagen  and elastin, strengthens the bonds between the skin cells, renews the cells and, through a firming action, gives the skin an appearance new, regenerated, nourished

Express- (Takes on average 10 minutes), Join with lips as a party package!
Action:  Give shine to the skin. An immediate visible effect, the colour will be glowing and the skin bright and refresh , ideal as a 10 minutes treatment to have a perfect skin for a party or an important event

Bags- Shadows
Average age- every age
Action: Cold action allows to absorb excess liquid by favouring its elimination. The stimulation given by the cold on blood circulation allows to improve the elasticity of the eye contour zone and to attenuate the dark circles. Cold in fact narrows the small blood vessels, calms and eliminates the swelling of the eyelids and eyes

Lips Volumizing
Action- It provides intense hydration and a strong anti- wrinkle action, giving the lips a sensual effect. It contains an active ingredient (Ultra Filling Spheres) consisting in microspheres of dehydrated acid and extract of Konjac. The microsphere lipophilic penetrates deep into the epidermis and swells with a filling/ volumizing effect in a few minutes after use. The Essential Oil Cinnamon helps to increase local microcirculation by grafting an immediate turgor effect

Sebum -balancing
Average age of use: every age
Action -Normalize excessive sebaceous secretions, eliminate inflammation, prevent and mitigate any scars post acne

Soothing and Couperose: redness
Average age of use: every age
Action: Soothing treatment against skin irritation redness and couperosis.
Gel Lenitivo and Crema Decongestionante have soothing hydrating, reconstructive and protective actions.

Ingredients contained:

  • English oak extract: meristematic stem cell, excellent for repairing tissue damage
  • Panthenol: Vitamin B5 with highly protective and moisturising action. It forms a film against skin dehydration
  • Propolis extract: natural active ingredient for stimulating immune system; it normalizes the skin by limiting atopic skin irritation
  • Sea collagen : tissue reconstructing
  • Zinc Oxide: it normalizes and protects treated area forming a protective film against external aggression
  • Coumarin: plant origin it helps draining intercellular fluids.

Temperature of use is crucial since each temperature has a different effect on the body and also a degree makes the difference. It is very important to vary the temperature in order to obtain the best result.

If you are not sure which facial treatment you have to use, always start using “firming” in this way it is possible to stimulate all actions at all levels although in a general and less specific way.

It is possible to switch between different types of treatment during the cure, always one per week, with 20 minutes. How many sessions? It depends on the type of the problem. Normally we always recommend a minimum of 6/10 treatments , and after the whole cycle, make a maintenance treatment every two months. Always observe body reactions and the results obtained after each treatment, to assess the most suitable type of treatment.

Thin, sensitive, reddened skin: Increase the temperature more or less about 6/8 degrees more than the temperature highlighted in protocols. In these types of skin in general the superficial reactions to cols are more immediate, so it is necessary to use higher temperature in order to avoid any problem of redness or burning on the skin. On the opposite, higher temperatures, in order to give the best result need some more treatment since the internal process is a bit slower

Treatments can be once a week
Can combine treatments if you wish
Better to treat 1 problem are at a time i.e.: open pores followed anti-aging

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