Non-surgical eyelid lift treatment in Manchester

Providing you with an instant eyelid lift

At Ice Clinic, we are excited to announce the launch of another piece of equipment, technology that has only been released in the UK since 2016. The new Touch Skin offers revolutionary eyelid lift treatment to our clients across Manchester, Stockport and the North West. Our professional team are proud to use this non-surgical eyelid lift treatment creates instant eyelid lift that can give you your desired results every time.

A ground-breaking non-surgical eyelid lift treatment

The eyelid lift treatment at Ice Clinic Enterprise works by touching the surface of the skin with just the tip of a special needle, without penetrating the skin. This painless procedure ensures specific cells are destroyed.  These are only the dead and dying skin cells in the superficial outer layer of the stratum corneum, the cells that we continually shed naturally. The new cells are undamaged and so a series of treatments will dissolve fine lines and wrinkles as new cells push their way to the surface of the skin. Whilst it is a slower process, there is no pain, no surgical intervention and are no residual scars.

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Before & After

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Non-surgical means non-intrusive

Our eyelid lift treatment tightens up the skin and so the sagging of soft tissue around the eyes will be lifted and improved. This non-surgical eyelid lift means that there is no bleeding, no scabs and no residual scars. Immediately after treatment a granular crust remains, these are very small and easily disguised.  Depending on the treatment there may be some slight swelling but you can go back to work immediately after treatment.

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