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Give your eyelashes that extra length and thickness

Our eyelash extensions offer you the chance to never buy fake eyelashes again! We use a medically prescribed drug called Lumagen that has the properties to extend your eyelashes and make them thicker.

What is Lumagen?

Lumagen is commonly prescribed for Glaucoma of the eye, studies then revealed that a side product of this prescribed medicine was the extension in length & thickness of the persons eyelashes. It is now used in the beauty industry under the prescription of a Doctor.

Before & After

See the results with our before and after treatment images

How will it work for me?

Here at The Ice Clinic Enterprise our Doctor prescribe Lumagen and will direct you how to apply it to your eyelashes. You will never have to buy fake or stick on eyelashes again with our Natural eyelash Serum. Watch our video on how Lumagen will work for you.

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