All the best Cryo facial treatments in Manchester

Give yourself a facial that rejuvenates and reduces fat

Cryo facial treatments are new to the Ice Clinic and help to reduce wrinkles, lines and even fat around your face area. However this technique has been around for hundreds of years, where using the cold to helped to keep down swelling muscles. We now have a machine that can concentrate that cold to desired area, one with unwanted fat or wrinkles, and use the cryo facial treatment to help reduce those problems.

How can cryo facial treatment benefit you?

Using this method, known for hundreds of years, and concentrating it down to specific areas on your body can give great results. Helping to reduce fat around your face can have added health benefits, as well as looking more youthful, and getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines we all know gives off a better complication. With our cryo facial treatment you’ll feel great and look rejuvenated at the same time!

Before & After

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What should you expect from cryo facial treatment?

Just imagine a treatment that not only can reduce fat, but wrinkles and lines too! Although these aren’t the only added benefits; firmer skin, rejuvenating complication, increased skin volume and radiance, reducing uneven skin tone and even helping to treat conditions such as inflammation and eczema. Stop imagining and come discover from our expert team of specialists what cryo facial treatment can do for you.

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