Providing exceptional body slimming treatments in Manchester

Slimming your body with ease and affordability

At the Ice Clinic, we offer a whole range of body slimming treatments in Oldham, Manchester and all across the North-West of England. We know that our body slimming treatments can leave you looking slimmer, more toned and feeling healthier. Our range of treatments can include:

• Lymphatic Drainage – stimulating the fluids in the lymph helping with reduction.
• Liposuction – dissolving and removing fat with specialised equipment and precise techniques
• Cellulite removal – using our cavitation treatment to reduce cellulite
• Fat freezing treatment – we offer a special treatment that freezes the fat cells and leads to them shrinking and reducing

Choose from our range of treatments to help slim down your body

Our range of body slimming treatments are specifically designed to reduce fat and help you to look youthful, fit and healthy. We have a team of specialists, all experts in their field, that administer the treatments and take extra care of your body slimming needs. As a family-run business, we know that everyone can be different and some require specific body slimming treatments, that’s why here at the Ice Clinic we aim to look after you by offering personalised body slimming treatments that will work best for your needs.

Before & After

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Advice and consultation for the right body slimming treatment

We always recommend booking an appointment or giving us a call to speak to one of our qualified specialists. You can trust that our expert staff will offer you the right body slimming treatments for your specific requirements. We will talk through exactly what we can offer you, price and what the final outcome will be. Here at the Ice Clinic, we work to make sure you’re looked after and have the body that you want.

Give us a call on 01457 879147 or come visit us at one of our stores in the North-West. We always welcome and happy to discuss options.