Offering lymphatic drainage treatment in Manchester

What is lymphatic drainage good for?

Here at the Ice Clinic we provide lymphatic drainage treatment for people that want to reduce toxins in their body and feel great. Lymphatic drainage treatment is a type of therapeutic massage that softly applies pressure to the affected area, giving gentle and long strokes which will increase lymph flow and help to reduce collected toxins in your body. This will have added health benefits to the body causing you to feel better and healthier.

Our therapeutic massage procedure

Lymph is a type fluid that moves throughout the body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. However along the way it can collect toxins, which can sometimes cause it to build up which then cause cells to reduce in efficiency. With our lymphatic drainage treatment we can help to massage out these collections using special therapeutic techniques, which will help the lymph to flow better, catching less toxins along the way to nourishing your cells and keeping your body healthy.

Before & After

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Will lymphatic drainage treatment work for you?

The lymphatic drainage treatment can help to fight off infections of the body, help with weight loss and improve skin texture. Our team of qualified specialists are trained to provide you with lymphatic drainage treatment, massaging the lymph flow and keeping your body working at its best. As trusted professionals we’re happy to offer advice and consultation on lymphatic drainage treatment and if it’s right for you.

Whether you seek advice or want to book a treatment,

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