A safe fat freezing treatment in Manchester

Expert non-invasive fat reduction

At Ice Clinic Enterprise, our fat freezing treatment removes stubborn pockets of fat by using a combination of electro and cyro therapy. Serving Manchester, Stockport and the North West, our experts use a 3D-cyro freeze hand piece that is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure. We can tailor your fat freezing treatment to best suit your specific requirements. Each fat freezing treatment takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Fat reduction procedures with results

Here at Ice Clinic Enterprise, we offer a unique non-invasive fat reduction with a fat freezing treatment. Using 3D-cyrofreeze creates a vacuum which draws fat into a hand piece. The specific area within the hand piece is then froze and you can be rest assured that 20-40% of the cells will then die. This is the perfect fat reduction procedure to target any stubborn areas and with only one treatment needed, you can expect to see results within 6-12 weeks.

Woman touching her stomach

Fat Freezing can help with a whole range of issues:

You might have a Mummy Tummy, Beer Belly or excess fat on your arms, chin, thighs, back, calves, knees and hips. We aim to use fat freezing to help these areas.

Getting rid of that Mummy Tummy

No matter how hard you exercise or eat right, we know that the Mummy Tummy can stick around. Don’t let yourself get down about the saggy tummy! Our fat freezing treatment can help tone up this area and reduce your Mummy Tummy.

Toning your Beer Belly

Beer bellies are common in both men and women, often making your belly look constantly bloated and round. Come visit us to use our fat freezing treatment for this issue and help with your Belly Beer.

Arm Fat and Heaviness

Your arms can be the first thing to go if you don’t continually exercise! Our treatments can get at this issue quickly to help your arms look slim again.

The Double Chin

Don’t let that Double Chin make you feel insecure! Our fat freezing treatment helps to reduce fat in this area and making your chin looking slender and delicate.

Thigh Largeness

Thighs are a common issue when it comes to excess fat and weight. Our treatments help to reduce the fatty cells around your thighs helping them to look sleek and long.

Back Fat

Back fat is often overlooked when viewing the health and youthful appearance of your body. We offer specific fat freezing treatments for reducing back fat.

Fatty Calves

Calves can develop fatty cells over time, which our fat freezing treatment can help to reduce and look fit and healthy again.

Disrupting Knee Fat

Knee fat is an overlooked area when it comes to toning down fat. Our treatment can help to reduce the size of this area and keep your knees looking their best.

Hip Weight and Fattiness

Hips are a common issue with our customers, we know that this area can be very challenging to tone down. That’s why we offer our fat freezing treatment on the hip area to help reduce fatty cells and keep your hips looking healthy.

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