Serving Manchester in breast lift treatment

Give your breasts the lift they want

Our Fitness 21 Machine uses small electrical impulses to strengthen the muscle around the breast without the need for knives or needles. The muscles will naturally strengthen and lift the breast without any need for implants and will produce a lifted, shaped and perk breast.

Personalised breast lift results

With our Fitness 21 Machine you can expect to have perkier, firmer breasts even after one treatment! Here at the Ice Clinic, we tailor to your specific needs so if you’re happy with your breast lift after one treatment, then we’re happy too. We always recommend consulting with our professional team for the most you can get out of our breast lift treatment.

Before & After

See the results with our before and after treatment images

Easy and affordable breast lift

We understand that some treatments can be very expensive, might come with scarring or look unnatural, however our breast lift treatment is designed to be an inexpensive way to lift your breasts without the need of knives and needles! One breast lift treatment at the Ice Clinic can cost just £29, which we feel is great price for firmer, perkier breasts. Our trained professionals are ready and waiting to offer you further advice and consultation on getting the right amount of breast lift treatments.

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