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Here at Ice Clinic Enterprise, we appreciate how important it is to nurture yourself and that’s why we provide special offers for treatment to all our clients in Manchester, Stockport and the North West. If you are looking for cosmetic treatment offers, you should keep an eye on our website as our expertise covers a wide range of treatments from non-invasive cosmetic treatment to our professional anti-aging technology.

Fat Freezing – £69 was £150

Our revolutionary fat freezing treatment is now more popular than ever! And to let you in on the industry best kept secret, we’re reducing the price of this amazing treatment! At just £69 you can target any area of the body you hold the most wobbly bits such as arms, hips, stomach or legs. This 30 minute, completely non-invasive treatment uses temperatures as low as -5 degrees to freeze fat cells and causing them to breakdown, the contents of these fat cells are then removed from the body via your body natural lymphatic system.

B12 injections – £30 was £50

Have low energy levels? Struggling to make it through the day without feeling tired? Perhaps you have low B12 levels! Our booster shot will increase your B12 levels almost instantly by injecting them straight into your blood stream. Our injections are administered by a registered Doctor so you know your in good hands.

Under eye lift – £150 was £300

This is a revolutionary treatment that is pain free and there is no risk of keloid scaring! The revolutionary treatment works by touching the surface f the skin with a tip of a special type of needle but the skin is never penetrated. The needle ensures specific cells are destroyed.  These are only the dead and dying skin cells in the superficial outer layer of the stratum corneum, the cells that we continually shed naturally. Renewed firmness tightens up the skin and so the sagging of soft tissue as around the eyes will be lifted and significantly improved.

Six pack building – £29 was £80

Our Fitness.21 machine is the latest in muscle stimulation! Using a wave of electrical impulses your muscle are stimulated and worked out in such a way it is the equivalent of a 4 hour gym work out! This treatment is just 30 minutes long and does not include one single sit up! Isolate muscles in the stomach you have never trained before and begin to sculpt that body! 

Neck lift – £190 was £350

Our non-surgical neck lift is one of our most popular treatments here at the Ice Clinic purely because of its nature; it’s fast, surgical free and results are instant. Improve the appearance of your neck by tightening loose skin creating a younger and more desired shaped neck!

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